Nab'a Al-Hayat Foundation has been established in 2014 for achieving this purposes:
  • First - Contributing effectively in raising the level of medical researches of Iraqi and Arab students and professors through issuance of peer-reviewed journals and preparation and participation in scientific conferences and interactive workshops in universities to improve student research-level.
  • Second - Build a big network and channels of communication between the Iraqi professors and students and the Arab or foreigners from other countries.
  • Third - Make a bridge of communication with Iraqi and international health institutions in order to improve the health status of community`s incurable common diseases and conduct geographical surveys for diseases and follow-up the course of treatment and its effectiveness on patients in coordination with organizations of Iraqi ministry of health and ministry of higher education.

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Medical Sciences

  • Establishing scientific laboratory with international standards in order to help in improving Iraqi in-vivo, in-vitro studies output accuracy.
  • Issuance and developing academic scientific peer-reviewed medical sciences journals.
  • Preparation and participation of scientific conferences in universities.
  • Helping in implementing the publication ethics standards in Iraqi universities.
  • Setting up interactive workshops in applied medical sciences.
  • Health Care

  • Developing continue education programs and credits in collaboration with international well-known institutions.
  • Design and develop mobile application for promotion health.
  • Build the national network for oral health promotion from Iraqi dental students and dentists.
  • Letter

    Because we believe that Iraq has a good human resources potentials for building new Iraq after decades of wars and sanctions and we are looking for collecting this efforts for building Iraq as Iraqis deserve.

    Ammar Hamid Founder